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The purposes of reporting under IFRS can be different:
  • Obligation as required by law;
  • Attracting investment;
  • Internal goals.
In most cases, especially when formally presented to users, IFRS statements should include the audit opinion.

The obligation for a number of enterprises to prepare IFRS statements is legislated in the territory of the Russian Federation.

For our clients we provide the following IFRS services:
  • Audit of IFRS financial statements
    We conduct an audit and issue an audit opinion in accordance with ISA for IFRS reports in Russian or English, including the instructions of the main auditor, when auditing the consolidated report of an international group of companies.
  • Transformation of financial statements from RAS to IFRS
    We provide services for bringing the data of Russian financial statements to the international format, by adjusting certain items according to rules different from RAS, that is, according to IFRS, GAAP or even internal corporate ones.
  • Consolidation of financial statements under IFRS
    We provide consolidation of reporting of parent and subsidiary companies according to IFRS. This is mandatory in some cases in the Russian Federation.
  • Accounting according to IFRS
    We provide services of organizations of parallel accounting in accordance with IFRS, starting from accounting policies and chart of accounts to the formation of accounting, which is a more detailed alternative to transformation, which allows to users control reporting indicators in accordance with IFRS in the current mode.
  • IFRS consulting
    We answer to any questions about practical application, understand the principles of IFRS and the solution of related problems.