Legal services
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Legal services

The opinion and actions of a competent lawyer can both help the company get out of a difficult situation, and significantly improve the state of affairs in the company, in some cases even bring the company back to life. Our lawyers provide qualified advice on issues arising in the course of a legal entity's activities (civil, tax, customs, labor law and other areas of legislation).

Our services include:

  • Legal analysis
    We are redesigning legal advice on business and for non-profit organizations, as well as conducting legal analysis of non-regulatory acts of regulatory authorities on tax, currency, customs or labor legislation.
  • Contracts expertise and drafting
    We examine the content of contracts from the point of view of the current legislation and the observance of the interests of the Customer and draw up contracts, agreements on expected commercial transactions and formalization of labor relations.
  • Labor audit and consulting
    We provide services for a comprehensive examination of the company’s labor documentation and consultations in the field of labor legislation, including the preparation of labor contracts and local regulations. We protect the interests of the company in labor disputes with employees and regulatory authorities.
  • Tax disputes
    Our lawyers provide support for the client, from the analysis of the tax inspection report to the defense in court.
  • Participation in business negotiations
    Lawyer is directly involved in negotiations with partners (including potential ones), so the client can quickly resolve related legal issues and disputes.
  • Legal representation
    Lawyers represent the interests of organizations and private entrepreneurs in court of arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction.